May 2018

In this session we plan to have three speakers discuss the topics from SAPUI5, SAP Build and the SAP Business Client

Session Overview

Session 1: SAP Build for Rapid Prototyping

( Lachlan Magee - DHS )

The discovery stage of a project has the potential to cost or save a lot of money, as changes become much more expensive during and after development. Using rapid prototyping, designers are able to incorporate user feedback, and refine functionality before any development begins; allowing developers to spend more time on quality. For companies heavily invested in SAP, it is worth considering product specific prototyping tools, such as SAP Build. The more focused scope of Build offers a number of advantages over general prototyping tools, with a lot of the leg work being automated or guided. For us, this meant that prototypes could be completed within a day of the initial discussion, and end users' feedback could be incorporated quickly and easily.

Session 2: Demystifying the art of component reuse in SAPUI5

( Jakob Kjaer - Bourne Digital )

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel over and over again? Ever caught yourself copying UI5 applications from one to another? If so, then I'm here to tell you: "There is a better way". Let me show you how you can do proper component reuse to the extend, where you avoid regression testing, when deploying new apps.

Session 3: SAP Business Client 6.5 and Security

( Colleen Hebbert - SAP Security and GRC Consultant / SAP Mentor & SCN Moderator )

Would you like an End User to tell that they never knew SAP could look so pretty and that they might stop relying on their favourites?

Well you can actually do this, and it’s not related to HANA, Fiori or Cloud. And how about if I told you that it’s free!!!! We’ll you’re in luck – let’s discuss how security role design can improve the user experience.