February 2018

In this session we had three speakers discuss the topics of Workflow on the SAP Cloud Platform, Performance Considerations of the SAP Gateway and ABAPGit

Session Overview

Session 1: Workflow on the SAP Cloud Platform

( Jorg Thuijls )

Tired of creating and maintaining the workflows your company has created over the years?

Since April, there is an alternative. SAP has been hard at work building a replacement workflow system on the cloud platform. It's been generating some buzz since it was announced mid 2017.

In this presentation Jorg Thuijls creates a simple end-to-end example focussing on the workflow itself, but also has a UI5 application to start, a custom inbox screen and some back end services tying it together.

Session 2: Performance Considerations of the SAP Gateway

( Katan Patel )

In this talk Katan Patel will discuss some of the big do's and dont's in setting up an SAP Gateway service and web enabling your backend system to better support your UI applications.

Key areas of focus will be design and the performance aspects that should be considered when undertaking any new project.

You can access the slide deck here

Session 3: ABAPGit, Modernising ABAP Development

( Graham Robinson )

SAP Mentor Graham Robinson and Jakob Kjaer planned to do a joint presentation on abapGit. Graham presented the highlights from his SAP TechEd presentation on the topic. Jakob failed to launch. ;)


  1. abapGit is a git client for ABAP developed in ABAP. It will run on SAP Basis version 702 or higher. Full details of the project, including installation steps, can be found here.
  2. The following video shows just how easy it is to install abapGit on your ABAP development system

How to install ABAPGit

The process for setting up SSL is fully documented in the installation guide

  1. The next video shows how you can clone the abapGit repository to your local ABAP server. This will allow you to easily update it to the latest version at any time.

How to setup SSL for ABAPGit

  1. Now onto your own developments. This video shows how to get started.


  1. And for more advanced stuff, time to look at branching


  1. One of the big advantages of branching is that you can always return to the master branch if you need to apply an emergency fix to production in the middle of a development cycle. This also means you need to think about conflict resolution.


Other Stuff

  • You can export to - and import from - a .ZIP file. Just like SAPLINK only better.
  • Background mode - so you can automatically backup your work
  • http://dotabap.org/ - Central place to find ABAP open source projects