September 2018

In this session we have talks lined up from Mike Doyle and Jason Lante.

Session Overview

Session 1: What ABAP & UI5 devs need to know about the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

( Mike Doyle )

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS helps us to build native iOS apps that connect seamlessly to back-end systems like S/4HANA and ECC. Mike will talk us though what we need to know to help us get started. For more details you should also check out his SAP Community blog post on the topic

Session 2: Modern ABAP Development Techniques

( Jason Lante )

Since 7.40, ABAP has been significantly improved to make your code more efficient. Jason's talk will help you learn how to write simplified ABAP code leveraging techniques from other programming languages.

You can access the teched content "DEV262 – Evolution of the ABAP Programming Language - Karsten Bohlmann, Holger Janz & Thomas Jung" that Jason references in his talk here

Another excellent reference are Horst Keller's blog posts with the Language News for each ABAP release. Jason refers specifically to this classic post for the ABAP Language News for Release 7.4.

One of the hightlights of Jason's talk was the Text to ASCII Art Generator which has now set the benchmark for how all comments at the top of an ABAP routine should be written.


Huge huge thanks to Chris Rae and the good folks at D'alRae Solutions for hosting us.