June 2023

Well a lot has happened since we last got together. We had a glorious line up tee'd up back in 2021, but covid hit and ended face to face meetups as we knew it. It's now 2023 and we're so happy the world is now back to normal(ish). Post covid ending, it's taken us a little while longer to get back into the swing of things, but I'm so pleased to announce that we're finally ready to come back & we're doing it with a bang.

We've managed secure two top drawer speakers in Volker Buzek and Mauricio Lauffer for our next event on the 2nd June 2023.

Volker has been a prominent member of the SAP Community for many years. You would know him for being involved with all the cool things going on in the world of UI5. He's currently working on a book "SAP UI Frameworks for Enterprise Developers: A Practical Guide" with Marius Obert.

Mauricio is a very talented individual, who only recently relocated from Sydney to Brisbane. He's written an awesome blog post on how to automate SAP BTP provisioning and configuration with Terraform!, which I highly advocate you read to learn more about Infrastucture as Code.

Note this event is ticketed (See below for details)

Session Overview

Session 1: SAPUI5 - Zero to Hero

Volker Buzek

Time to skyrocket your SAPUI5 development skills! Dive into the UI5 tooling and CI/CD for streamlined processes and explore the crucial role of unit testing in building robust applications. Perfect for developers eager to elevate their SAPUI5 expertise. Don't miss out—become an SAPUI5 hero today! Volker

Session 2: Automating SAP BTP setup with Terraform

Mauricio Lauffer

Tired of manually setting up SAP BTP Sub Accounts? With Terraform, you can easily manage & automate your SAP BTP setup for faster & more reliable deployments. Join us to learn what is Terraform, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and how it can help you Mauricio

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volker talk

mauricio talk



In another change to previous events, this event will be hosted in the Hudson office at the The Annex, Level 6/12 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000


Huge huge thanks to Enrico Manai and the fantasic team at Hudson for hosting us. Also special thanks to Chris Rae & Team Dalrae Solutions for providing food for the event. We would not be able to run without all your support.