February 2020

Following on from our last session, we listened to your feedback and we plan to go back to a more grass roots type of session. We've managed to line up two great talks on UI5 from two fantastic speakers. One show casing an awesome solution and the other pushing the boundaries of what is capable in UI5 and how the Web IDE hinders you to preserve compatibiity.

Session Overview

Session 1: New Zealand Police Firearms Registry Solution Walkthrough

Tim Hobbs (D'alRae Solutions)

In March 2019 the New Zealand Government announced the introduction of new legislation that would prohibit the sale and ownership of Military Style Semi-Automatic weapons and associated accessories. This resulted in the New Zealand Police being tasked with executing a buy-back program to remove these firearms from circulation and provide an opportunity for people to hand-in other weapons that they no longer wanted. The end-to-end solution to support this program of work was delivered in 3 x 1 month iterations, utilising a variety of SAP technologies.

This talk is a high-level walk through of the UI5 solutions that were delivered and a brief discussion on some of the more unique technologies that were utilised.

Tim Presentation Docusign Architecture

Session 2: Modern JavaScript or; the stuff you can't use in the WebIDE

Jorg Thuijls

JavaScript has come a long way. Sadly, the tutorials, the linting rules in WebIDE and other arbitrary enforcements in the UI5 framework prohibit us from using some of the most useful additions to modern JavaScript. I intend to give you a taste the type of JS you could be using today, given the presence of NodeJS, openUI5 tooling, Cloud Foundry and the promise of a new WebIDE, which is around the corner.

Here's a link to Jorg's github repo for the content he demo'd.

Jorg Presentation

Breakout Photos

M.C. Jodi Welcomes All Katan Pizza


D'alRae Solutions

Huge huge thanks to Chris Rae and the good folks at D'alRae Solutions for hosting us and putting on the drinks


Logical Star Consulting

Also thanks to Logical Star Consulting for the pizza's

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